The Factory Spotter Manifesto: Changing Our Consumer Society

by Ezra Bisschop
June 07 2021 - 4 min read

Dear fellow human,

It’s time to do things differently. Since COVID-19, our lives have erratically changed. What seemed impossible became reality. Where one could never have dreamed off happened. What exceeded our wildest fantasy became true. Borders were closed, people were sent home, streets were empty.

Yet, as controversially as it may sound, hope can come in the darkest of times. For many of us, this sheer moment of insanity gave rise to reflection. Time to rethink our sins, time to rethink what really mattered, time to think why all of this happened in the first place?

For the first time, many of us finally felt some rest. For first time, not the bizarre chase of power and prestige, of money and esteem. For the first time, there was a glance of hope.

Is there a way to do things differently? Is there a way to create more equality? A way to share resources more evenly? Is this the beginnings of a system change? For Factory Spotter it was.

Our original idea was to provide data on Chinese suppliers. And, by the time COVID-19 broke through in our country —February 2020, we were already well on our way with our platform. Designs had been made, developer contracts had been signed and incorporation was about to happen -March 31, 2020.

Because of all this, little time was left to think about what was really going on around us. Until spring came, and it became more and more obvious that this wasn’t a great time to start a new venture. To be honest, it was a terrible time. A time, where it seemed the world had stopped spinning.

At that moment, we realized the world didn’t need another platform which promised more prosperity. We realized the world needed preservation of nature, equality and fairness. We realized, it was time for a change.

From that day onwards, our goal is to change our consumer society into a more sustainable economy. How? By developing a platform for sustainable products. A place where one can buy sustainable products, components and materials. A place that contributes to a cleaner environment, a place that avoids harm to people, a place that tries to reduce poverty.

Are you an investor, environmental activist, or any other person who would like to join our cause, you are more than welcome to collaborate!

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