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How it all started?

It all started at someone’s kitchen table in Shanghai, China. In the middle of the winter of 2017, some friends and I were having a beer while complaining about the fact that we couldn’t find a supplier for our latest idea: a ‘’portable smoke detector’’ for automobiles. I remember saying how strange it was that nearly all products are produced in China these days, yet it seemed pretty much impossible to find a reliable supplier. It was at this very moment that I realized I wanted to change something. Ever since, I have set out on a journey to lower trade barriers and to grant SMEs greater access to China.

How do we help SMEs? 

We believe that SME’s deserve a place where they can verify the reliability, honesty and integrity of Chinese suppliers. Therefore, we enable SME’s to view a supplier’s trading history including previous sales and customer references. As such, we empower SME’s to separate superior suppliers from inferior ones. Thus helping them to form strong and healthy business alliances with China.

About the founder

Ezra Bisschop

Hi! I am Ezra Bisschop, founder of Factory Spotter and a passionate trade fanatic. My mission is to create transparency across each discipline involved in trade between China and the rest of the world.

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Factory Spotter is a great tool to reduce supplier risk.

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Factory Spotter gave us the opportunity to trade safely with China.

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